A year of knowing yourself from home.

January 10, 2021 -

2020 is…weird. When saying “2019 is a year of moving and decision making”, I didn’t expect 2020 to be completely opposite - a year of being stuck at home. The quarantine time did give me a chance to explore the world and myself in a more reflective way rather than the experiential way, which is sometimes inspiring while other times painful. A couple takeaways:

On Well-Being

  • Eat well, sleep well, workout regularly and always have something to look forward to.
  • It’s OK to have strong and bad emotions, but we’re not defined by our emotions.

On Personal Development

  • Make it easy to take risks.
  • Be aware of thinking traps.

On Creative Work

  • Don’t mix objectives. Stick to the one you care about most and try not to get upset about failing to meet others.
  • Motion != progress.
  • Balance self-belief with self-awareness. Manage morale, and seek truth.